UK’s most frustrating customer hotlines!

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    Frustrating Customer Hotlines

    Consumer website PleasePress1.com has launched the UK’s first ‘phone rage index’ which reveals the ten most annoying customer services phone systems in the country.

    From the 600 services that are operated by companies across the UK, it was found that the undisputed winner was the taxman.

    The winners were decided by the length of time it took for callers to get through the never-ending menu options provided, the lengthy introduction messages and other such frustrations identified by consumers.

    The top ten most frustrating phone services were listed as:

    1. HMRC
    2. Ford Motor Company
    3. Lloyds TSB
    4. Halifax
    5. Co-operative Insurance Society
    6. Transport for London
    7. Direct Line Insurance
    8. Churchill Insurance Company
    9. Ticketmaster
    10. Student Loans Company


    HMRC were found to be the most annoying for consumers as they offer 400 menu items with just 6 services to choose from!