Benefits of an 03 Number

Why do you need an 03 number?

UK’s Most Popular Business Phone Number

03 Numbers are quickly becoming the UK’s most popular business phone number. This is because not only are they in many cases free to call, they are also very cheap to operate. Calls to 03 numbers are never charged at more than a call to an 01 or 02 number and are therefore inclusive within landline and mobile monthly bundles.

How will my business benefit?

Give your business a professional image. Providing your customers with a professional business number instantly gives your company a national presence. It enables you to appear to a wider audience, not just your local area.

Along with an 03 number, when you choose 03NumberShop you can benefit from our free call management services which includes a welcome message, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email and online call statistics.

You never need to lose customers through missed calls or inefficient call management again.

Why pick 03 over an 0800 number?

Unlike other customer friendly non-geographic numbers such as 0800, you don’t pay an extra cost for calls originating from a mobile.

We often here from business owners asking us about the fact 0800 numbers are now free to call from mobiles. This is true, however the call costs have now been passed onto the business who operate them. Number providers are being forced to add a surcharge of up to 7p per minute for all calls made to an 0800 number which originate from a mobile.

This makes an 03 number the most cost effective number for your business.


In the event that your business premises suffers a power cut or serious incident, you can have complete confidence that you won’t miss any important business calls. Your 03 number can be re-directed instantly to another landline or mobile through our online portal or by contacting our account managers during office hours.

Your 03 number can be re-directed instantly to another landline or mobile through our online portal or by contacting our account managers during office hours.

Keep the same
business number for life

Once you register an 03 number with us you can keep it for as long as you need. No longer will changing your business address, or buying a new phone mean you need to worry about costly changes to your marketing materials due to updating your business phone number.

By using our online portal you can instantly change the destination number your 03 is routed to, and add additional services on top of the number as your business grows.

Memorable Numbers

Using a memorable phone number will make it much easier for customers to remember your business. Here at 03NumberShop we have thousands of memorable 03 numbers to choose from, with prices going up in order of memorability.

Bronze, Silver and Gold numbers are available to order on our website, please call our team for a detailed quote if you required something more memorable.











0330 111 8298 0330 111 6066 0330 111 7080 0330 111 0444 0330 111 0111
0330 111 9480 0333 355 4995 0330 111 9030 0333 355 3355 0330 111 8888
0333 355 3029 0333 920 9499 0333 355 6090 0333 355 5535 0333 355 5553

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