03 Numbers set to save UK mobile users £100million per year


    UK consumers are set to save millions of pounds as the mobile-friendly 03 number range gains popularity amongst businesses.

    In total, figures show that over £1.3billion is spent every year on calls made to 08 numbers, which is set to be dramatically slashed as more and more businesses cater to the demands from consumers for more cost-friendly contact numbers.

    Specific frustration is based around 0800 numbers which are declared as ‘freephone’, but are actually costing UK mobile phone users an estimated £100million a year to call.

    03 Numbers were introduced as an antidote to 08 numbers as they provide a low cost number for consumers to call, being charged at the same rates as 01 or 02 numbers, with minutes being included in monthly mobile minute bundles.

    Mahmood Mazhar, 03NumberShop’s CEO, said: “The high call charges involved with mobile calls to 08 numbers have been a bone of contention for some time now and it’s fantastic that more and more businesses are migrating to the 03 range.

    “In fact, recent 03NumberShop research showed a hugely positive response to the 03 range and our customers have reported large increases in customer enquiries because of the effectively free calls.”

    Rakesh Jayaswal, director of LaserVision, said: “Our calls have increased dramatically since we began using our 03 number, with feedback telling us that it’s because of the little-to-non charge that is now required to call from a mobile.”