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Migrate to a customer friendly business phone number

Migrate to an 0345 Number

If your business currently operates an 0845 number, then you can now migrate over to a customer friendly 0345 number. Calling your current 0845 number includes a cost per minute and connection charge. Migrating now will encourage customers to call due to public trust in an 03 number. If you are simply looking to connect a new business phone number then you can still choose from the numbers listed below.

  • Migrate from an 0845 number
  • Free to call from most landlines & mobiles
  • No Setup Fee
  • Instantly Boost Sales Enquires
  • Accurately Track Advertising Campaigns
  • Call Management Packages
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Calls included within mobile bundles


Call Management Package

All our 0345 numbers are supplied with free call management services worth over £60 per year. These free services are specially selected to instantly create a professional call handing system.


Welcome Message


Voicemail to Email


Fax to Email


Call Statistics


Personal Manager


Upgradable Features

Partner Your Number With Professional Call Management Services


Receive your voicemail messages as audio files to your email inbox. These can be stored and forwarded as you require.


Add multiple destination numbers which each called is a set order until the call answered.


Similar to a Hunt Group with each destination called simultaneously to ensure calls are answered as quickly as possible.


Add number options to automatically divert your callers to the correct department or member of staff.


View detailed records of your inbound calls including unanswered calls.


Ensure you never miss business calls by holding callers in a queue if all your lines are busy.


Gain a better understanding of your busiest times. Your can then adjust other services or staffing levels to ensure a efficient service.


Set your services to change or activate depending on the time of day. Perfect for our of hours or holiday periods.

The UK's Leading 0345 Number Provider

Selecting your 0345 number is the first step in introducing a highly professional image for your business and boosting your level of customer service. Your customers will benefit from cheap or (in many cases) free calls and you will see and instant increase in customer enquiries.

0345 numbers are designed to ensure businesses can migrate over from their equilivant 0845, but any business can also select a brand new number. All numbers advertised on 03NumberShop are available to any UK business to begin using straight away. If you would like to discuss how your business can migrate over please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Every 0345 number supplied by us comes with a host of additional benefits including free call management services worth £60 per year. These services have been specically selected to instantly provide your business with a professional call handling service.

We work hard to ensure our monthly packages are the best around and are sure we won’t be beaten on price. If you find a better package elsewhere please don’t hesitate to speak to us, we’d be delighted to look over it for you and beat any other provider.

0345 numbers package

Ten Reasons to Switch to an 0345 Number

  1. An 03 number is the most cost effective customer friendly number for your business.
  2. All calls to 0345 numbers are included within all monthly bundles – from landlines and mobiles.
  3. We have thousands of highly memorable numbers to choose from
  4. View all inbound calls stats through our online portal.
  5. Instantly introduce a big business image
  6. Take your business with you if you move premesis or change your phone number.
  7. Receive business calls to any UK landline or mobile.
  8. Add free professional call management features
  9. No upfront fees or setup costs
  10. Group all your numbers intro one easy to remember business telephone number.

We migrated from an 0845 number to 03 as we wanted to offer our customers a low cost number while still maintaining the same level of professional call handling.

From our initial contact the team at 03NumberShop could not have been more helpful and our expert account manager had our number connected straight away. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their service.

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