Why Are charities paying for 0300 numbers?

Why Are Charities Paying For 0300 Numbers?

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The Cost Of 0300 charity numbers?

The 0300 number range is reserved exclusively for charities, not-for-profits & public bodies. The cost for calling this number is placed on the caller, not the receiver. This makes them a memorable and low-cost number range for organisations to take inbound calls to. The number range is free to call if your contract has inclusive minutes, otherwise it charges your network operator’s standard rate.


What are 0300 numbers?

Introduced by Ofcom in 2007, The 0300 number range is reserved exclusively for charities, non-profits & public bodies. This non-geographical number range allows charities to adopt an easily recognisable number which gives them a national presence.


Why Are Charities Paying Phone Numbers?

To use an 0300 number, charities often have to purchase & rent the number from a UK national network operator. This can deter charities from adopting the exclusive number range because it creates a monthly rental fee.


How To Get A Free 0300 Number?

You can get a free number by signing up on the 03NumberShop, a sub-brand of Core Telecom. As the UK’s biggest supplier of 03 numbers, we want to help out in these tough times by donating numbers to charities, not-for-profit organisations & government bodies. We are giving numbers away for free and with no strings attached. Additionally, we are providing a free call management package to all organisations that use one of our numbers.


Why Should A Charity Have An 0300 Number?

But why should charities use an 0300 number? As an exclusive & reserved number range, it means callers can easily identify that it’s a charity they are contacting. This gives charities using the number range a national presence which often results in more donations and stronger charity brand recognition.

As the free numbers come with a complimentary call management package, a variety of additional benefits are available when getting an 0300 number through the 03 Number Shop, this includes:

  • Welcome Message – create a pre-recorded message for callers that plays when they call your number.
  • Voicemail to Email – never miss following up on a call by sending voicemails to emails
  • Fax to email – Forward all fax’s to emails.
  • Call Statistics – Provides detailed analytics on call volume and frequency.
  • Personal account manager – Dedicated account manager to manage and maintain your number.


Why Are charities paying for 0300 numbers?

Why Are charities paying for 0300 numbers?

Why Are 0300 Numbers Free From Core Telecom?

We’re very passionate about helping charities in the UK and the best way we can do this as a national telecommunications provider is by giving away numbers. We’ve already helped over 150 charities and are always looking to help out others.

If you’re a charity, not-for-profit or public body, sign up for your free number now by visiting the 03NumberShop.


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