How Do 03 Numbers Work?

Everything you need to know about different 03 number ranges, running costs and the cost to call.

What's an 03 Number?

An 03 number is virtual or cloud based business telephone number. When a customer dials your 03 the calls are simply mapped onto your existing landline or mobile number.

The cost of calling an 03 number is free from most phones as the calls are never charged at more than a call to an 01 or 02 landline, meaning the calls are included within all monthly bundles.

03 Numbers are also non-geographic, this allows any business to utilise one to advertise nationally, rather than limit yourself to your local area. They also add a whole new level of professionalism over advertising your mobile or home phone number for business, and are proven to increase customer calls.

0333 & 0330

For Business

These number ranges have been reserved for use by UK businesses.

By introducing a 0333 or 0330 number, you will not only be providing your customers with a low cost phone line, you will also benefit from increased customer confidence, whilst maintaining a professional image with a nationally recognisable phone number.

The costs for your customers to call your 03 number will be charged at a geographic rates. This means that all calls are free from most phones as all calls are included within monthly minute bundles. The minutes are simply deducted from the callers monthly allowance.

Once you connect an 03 number, as well as instantly providing an increased level of customer service, you will also introduce our complete Call Management Package, allowing you to receive and manage each and every call professionally and competently.


For Charities and the Public Sector

Our 0300 number range is exclusively available to charities, non-profit organisations and public sector.

Calls to 0300 numbers are charged at the same rate as any local call, even from mobiles. Plus, they are included within most minute bundles, meaning (in most cases) they are effectively free to call.

This simplifies issues surrounding using other non-geographic numbers as charity donation lines, allowing the focus of the work to be on the charity’s good work.

Are you a charity looking to utilise an 0300 number, click here for details.

0345 & 0370

For Migration

If you’re currently using an 0845 or 0870 number for your business, you can save your customers money, and boost customer enquiries by switching to a customer friendly 03 number.

Calling 0845 or 0870  numbers not only includes an expensive pay per minute charge, but by calling them, your customers are charged a connection fee. Whereas, calling an 03 number costs the same as dialling a local 01 or 02 geographic number, even when it’s from a mobile phone.

For more information on migrating over to one of our 03 numbers, please contact one of our account managers on 0330 111 0300, or email: [email protected].

The UK's leading brands now use 03 Numbers

Connect an 03 number with usfrom as little as £4.99 a month

For this you can receive up to 550 inclusive minutes, and take advantage of our FREE Call Management Package. All of the numbers, listed on the site, are completely free to connect once you sign up to one of our monthly packages.

There is also the option to upgrade to a more memorable number, if you’re interested in doing this, please call one of our account managers on 0330 111 0300 or email [email protected].

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