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Why Should Charities Use 03 Numbers?

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Many networks in the UK provide the ability to get an 03 number, but what benefits do organisations get from using this number range?

The 03 number range was introduced by Ofcom, the British telecommunications regulator in 2007 for organisations that required a national number but didn’t want to incur a charge to customers or pay for all inbound calls.

As all 03 numbers incur no additional calling costs like some 08 number do, the 03 number range has an established reputation as being free to low cost for callers.


The Benefits Of 03 Numbers

The 03 number range is free to call from devices which have inclusive minutes. This means that they are callable from most devices as the vast majority of mobile & landline contracts come with inclusive minutes.

As 03 numbers are also non-geographical and don’t have any form of rebate number range (unlike the 08 number range that costs callers to call when reaching out to 087 and 084), it gives 03 numbers a level of trust higher than any other number range.

All our 03 numbers come with a free call management package that includes a variety of useful features. Some features include: voicemail to email, a welcome message, call statistics and your own dedicated account manager to help you use your number.


Who uses 03 Numbers

The 03 number range is used by a large amount of organisations, but the 0300 number range is reserved exclusively for charities, not-for-profit organisations, and public bodies. This gives the 0300 number range an even stronger presence as callers know they are reaching out to a third-sector organisation.

Alternatively the 03 number range is used by many companies in the UK for an accessible contact number that is free for most people to contact.


The Best Place to get An 03 Number

You can get an 03 number from a variety of suppliers, though we the 03NumberShop provide 03 numbers for free to charities, not-for-profit organisations & government bodies. This number comes with an advanced call management package as we want to help out as many charities in the UK as we can.

This is a completely free number and doesn’t contain any hidden fee’s or charges.


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