Rochdale Council introduces 0300 numbers for services


    We reported in February that Rochdale Council had come under fire for their continued use of higher-rate 0845 numbers for their public services and departments.

    Finally, we’re delighted to report that the Council have kept their promise and last week have done away with 13 of their 0845 numbers and have switched over to 0300 numbers, ensuring that callers will never be charged at more than geographic rates.

    This change marks the beginning of the complete phase out of the Council’s 0845 number usage, so that they are able to provide a more mobile friendly service.

    Council Leader Colin Lambert said: “With mobile phone use continuing to rise and 0845s not included in common bundled minute’s deals, changing to 0300 numbers is undoubtedly the right thing for us to do and enables the people we serve to contact us via their mobile phone packages.

    “Ensuring that the existing numbers continue to work means we can introduce new numbers without inconveniencing anyone and can minimise the costs of the change. Aside from these new numbers, we’re always encouraging residents to try our website first, as it’s the easiest and cheapest way to access many of our services.”

    The Council have also improved their website so that it is more accessible and user-friendly for those wanting an alternative way to access their services.