Choosing the right phone number for your business



    Towards the end of 2013, the murky fog surrounding non-geographic numbers and their charging mechanisms began to dissipate as Ofcom and the Government both announced changes to the way they are to be governed and controlled.

    In their draft work programme for 2014, which was released in December, Ofcom said they plan to ‘protect consumers from harm’ as they have promised to oversee the implementation of new rules that will make phone charging systems clearer and also to make 0800 numbers free from mobiles.

    Every business needs a telephone number so that your customers have a direct line to you, but as every business is different, the number that is most suited to you may differ greatly. If you want to retain a local feel, then a geographic 01 or 02 number may be best.

    If you want to promote your business nationwide, then a non-geographic number, such as an 0800 or 0844 number, would help. The benefits that fit across the board are the ability to work UK-wide as consumers will presume you’re able to serve them, regardless of where either of you are based. For small and start-up businesses, non-geo numbers let you give the impression that you’re bigger than you really are, prompting more and more people to trust you.

    The biggest thing to come out of the Government and Ofcom announcement (we think, anyway) is the promotion of the 03 range. As we say, non-geographic numbers have great number of benefits for businesses, although 08 numbers have come under criticism because of higher call charges that consumers incur, especially when calling from mobiles. Therefore, it’s great that the Government has now released guidance to all of their departments saying that where moving to their relevant geographic 01 or 02 range is not possible, they should switch to an 03. What’s more, more and more charities, organisations and businesses have made the move as they realise the potential to please consumers.


    But what exactly is SO good about 03 numbers?

    For the majority of callers, the calls will be free as all call minutes are required by law to be included in call bundles and free minutes.

    When you do have to pay for the call, it’ll NEVER be charged at more than a basic rate.

    You get all of the benefits of a non-geographic number, for example you provide a nationwide presence to build your business presence – except you’re mobile friendly as well!

    The costs of operating 03 numbers are significantly less than any other non-geographic range


    For any more information about 03 numbers and how you can set one up, simply visit our homepage or call us on 0330 111 0300 and speak to one of our account managers.