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Are 03 Numbers Free?

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Are 03 Numbers Free to Call from Mobile?

The 03 number range is free to call from mobiles with inclusive minutes. This means that 03 numbers are free to call for the vast majority of mobiles as most people have inclusive minutes included in their contract. Outside of inclusive minutes, it costs the standard landline rate to call an 03 number.

Are 03 Numbers Free to Call from Landlines?

03 numbers are free to call from a landline with inclusive minutes. The same as calling a mobile with inclusive minutes, calling a landline an 03 number from a landline with inclusive minutes is free.

Are 03 Numbers Free to Host?

03 numbers can be free to host, but most networks charge to host 03 numbers. The cost to host 03 numbers can be incurred either through a monthly package or on a cost-per-minute basis. We host 03 numbers for completely free.

What is the Cost of Calling an 03 Number?

Calling an 03 number costs the same as calling an 01 or 02 geographic number. This means calling a 03 number from a device with inclusive minutes is free.

What Is A 03 Number?

An 03 number is a non-geographical number range that conveys a national presence. The 03 number range was introduced by Ofcom, the British regulated in 2007 as an alternative to chargeable 08 numbers.

What Is the Difference Between 03 And Geographical?

Unlike 01 and 02 geographical numbers, 03 numbers allow organisations to portray a national image as the number is not linked to a particular geographical area. This improves the professionalism of organisations that use 03 numbers.

What Is the Difference Between the 03 and 0800 Numbers?

The 0800 number range is free for all users to call as it is a freephone number range. This means that 0800 number holders have to pay network providers to host numbers as the range covers the cost for callers. 03 numbers on the other hand have low to no hosting cost and are free to call for those with inclusive minutes

Where Can I Get An 03 Number?

Many telecommunications providers supply 03 numbers for either a monthly free or charge on a per-minute basis. We’re one of the only number suppliers in the UK that provide 03 numbers for absolutely free.

Where Can I Get A Free 03 Number?

You can get a free 03 phone number by signing up on: https://www.03numbershop.co.uk/0300-number-for-charity/


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