A-level results day – UK Universities forcing students to call 0844 numbers for clearing

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    Research performed by Schools Week has found that only 15 of 132 UK universities offer freephone numbers to thousands of students using Clearing.

    Across the UK over 260,000 students are receiving their A-level results, with many expected to go through the clearing process in order to find alternative university places.

    When calling a university many students will be kept on hold and then asked to take part in a telephone interview which can last up to 30 minutes, with such calls costing around £10.

    Kingston University is one example advertising an 0844 number for clearing and have defended the decision by explaining how their normal switchboard would not be able to handle the level of calls they expect to receive. Speaking to Schools Week they highlighted that by using an external telecoms provider with cloud based technology they could process all calls efficiently.

    They are correct on the technology front, but the use of an 0844 number is not required in this instance. Simply using an 03 number would provide the same reliable service, but also offer cheap call costs.

    Have you been affected by expensive call costs with Clearing? Please let us know and we will be sure to mention it!